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Ailments and illness are a result of stagnation or disturbance in the flow of Ki.   Zen Shiatsu is a therapy that approaches from the perspective of harmonising and balancing Ki flow.  Zen Shiatsu treatments can be inclusive of medicinal food therapy and Ki yoga practices, both self-empowering techniques to assist in restoring harmony.

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Shiatsu is a traditional Japanese bodywork therapy founded on Traditional Chinese Medical theory with alterations based on Japanese innovations.

Practitioner Shizuto Masunage established Zen Shiatsu in the 1970’s, introducing extended meridian pathways, physiological connection, hara diagnosis and meridian associated yoga.

Zen Shiatsu utilizes pressure techniques on the meridian pathways with the intention of stimulating the natural healing elements of the body for vitality and balance.  Ki is the vital essence that exists in and interconnects all life and the meridians are the pathways of the body in which the Ki flows.

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Private Ki Yoga Therapy

The word Ki represents ‘Vital Life Force’ in Japanese.  Ki Yoga is a development and fusion of the inspired work of Japanese master’s Mahashiro Oki and Shizuto Masunaga.  Ki Yoga stretches and strengthens the physical mass and the ‘meridians’ – energy pathways – of the body, inspiring health and harmony.  A dynamic yoga, Ki Yoga changes seasonally to bring harmony and support within ‘for nothing in nature is static’.  One of the main focuses of Ki Yoga is the building of foundations strength in the hara (lower belly) and lower back to support you from the inside out.  Private Ki Yoga sessions allow Fiona to combine: observations of posture and physical characteristics; listen to individual needs; and utilize Hara diagnosis of Zen Shiatsu to create a personalized yoga session for the individual.



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