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VirginiasmallVirginia Kleine
Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture

Virginia Kleine holds a Bachelor of Health Science with Hons in Acupuncture and a Masters of Applied Science with distinction in Chinese Herbal Medicine.  She has been practising acupuncture and Chinese medicine since 2002, and in the Bega Valley since 2003.

Virginia uses Traditional Chinese medicine to help with existing health problems as well as promoting and maintaining good health. She uses mainly plant and mineral products as well as a small amount of ethical animal product. Her acupuncture style is gentle and attentive so that even the most nervous of patients, including children and animals, have a relaxed and positive experience.

Virginia has a special interest in all areas of women’s and children’s health, however considerers herself a general practitioner for the whole family, including dogs, cats and horses.

Virginia is passionate about the philosophy and theories of Traditional Chinese medicine and continues to study both classic and modern interpretations and applications of this medicine for use in her practise.

Virginia has had clinical experience in hospitals in Shanghai, Hangzhou and Qingdao on mainland China, experiencing Traditional Chinese medicine being practised in the busy public health system there.

Virginia’s vision of an integrated health clinic, where a person’s whole health can be considered and resolved under the one roof, has been realised at Red Door Health Clinic.  Virginia and indeed all the practitioners at Red Door Health clinic regard the importance of communication between practitioners of both alternative and conventional medicines, for the benefit of the patient’s health outcome, as highly important.

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Marie-ClaudesmallMarie-Claude Ravenel
Ayurvedic massage and Remedial massage 

Marie-Claude studied aromatherapy and ayurvedic massage in her native Switzerland and obtains in 2005, soon after arriving in Australia, a diploma of remedial massage at the Australasian College of Natural Therapies in Sydney. Since then, Marie-Claude practiced in Sydney for a year and since 2006, in Bega and Cobargo.

Marie-Claude is fully accredited and the technique of massage is adapted to the patient’s need.

The techniques that Marie-Claude utilises are:

    Remedial massage: 
    Deep tissue
    Myo fascial release
    Trigger point
    Lymphatic drainage

    Ayurvedic massage:
    Abhyanga, full body massage
    Padhabyanga, feet and legs massage
    Mukhabyanga, head, neck and shoulder massage
    Kansu, feet massage with a metal bowl
    Hands and arms massage
    Facial massage

Health rebates apply for Remedial massage and Marie-Claude is accredited for Work Cover cases.


Fiona Dick
Ki Yoga teacher and Zen Shiatsu practitioner

After years of searching for modalities to assist her recovery from a chronic health condition, Fiona discovered the profound effects of Ki Yoga and Zen Shiatsu in 1998. Amazed by her improved well-being Fiona embarked on the journey of study to become a Ki Yoga teacher and Zen Shiatsu practitioner.

 From 2001-2004 Fiona was co-director/owner of Breathing Space a Zen Shiatsu clinic, Ki Yoga Studio and annex college.   Fiona and her two beautiful children have lived in the Bega Valley Shire since 2004.  Fiona believes all life holds a natural healing potential and that Yoga is a sanctuary.



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