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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is an umbrella term, which encompasses different therapies including Chinese Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture, diet and food therapy. The goal of TCM is to promote healing and good health in the human body. 

Over it’s 5000 year history, TCM has built up a comprehensive understanding of the workings of the human body including the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual components. The practitioner uses a broad set of tools to make a diagnosis and develop an individual treatment plan, which will include one or more of; acupuncture, herbal medicine, diet and lifestyle advice.  He/she may also refer you to a practitioner of a different modality or doctor of western medicine as needed.

Traditional Chinese Medicine utilises natural medicines sourced from plants, animals and minerals. These medicines provide the body with the constituents needed to; facilitate, regulate and/or enhance the body’s own functional systems including the healing mechanisms of the body; clean out toxins; move stagnations and cool or warm the body, bringing it back into balance and therefore good health.

At Red Door Health Clinic, some raw medicines are used however, for the convenience of the patient, most medicines are made up with granules that the patient makes into a tea using boiled water.  Also available are medicines in the form of pills, external creams, liniments and patches.


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VirginiasmallThe medicines used in this clinic contain no endangered plant or animal species or any medicine that is gained through non-ethical means.

TCM can be used to treat a wide range of health issues such as; gynaecological issues including menstrual and obstetric; male and female infertility; endocrine system problems including menopause and thyroid; neurological including headaches and migraines; allergies; breathing problems; immune system issues; fatigue and tiredness; gastro-intestinal problems including IBS and candida; urination and urinary tract issues; blood pressure; cholesterol; palpitations; insomnia and sleep disorders; emotional and mental issues including depression, anxiety and addictions; muscular-skeletal problems and the promotion and maintenance of general well-being.



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